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Top Authority Releases New Obama Music Video

Posted by Kulayd Entertainment on September 29, 2012 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)


The rap duo Top Authority made up of rappers Shotgun and Flex release their new music video for the song "Obama" from their upcoming new CD which is not yet titled. The song features production by Hollow The Son Of  DJ and was recorded at World Fame-Us Hot Spot Entertainment Studios in Detroit, Michigan.

The song is not mainly directed at Obama our president but is more geared toward the nickname of what they call their drugs. Meaning they have that OBAMA dope that's pure and uncut like what they believe the government supplies. I personally believe they used the reference because it sounds catchy...I got that OBAMA! I almost can't stop saying it myself, "OBAMA!". Well anyway back to the music. It's basically what you expect when you hear a Top Authority song, you wan't the hard street bangers that is classic for the unique delivery that both Shotgun and Flex are famous for.

This will be the first release since their 2009 Kush Music CD. You can be one of the first to check out the video below from Top Authority the Real Gangstas of Flint, Michigan...Enjoy it because there will be plenty more in the future for TA.

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What REALLY happened on the Judge Alex show

Posted by Kulayd Entertainment on April 6, 2012 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (6)

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Daytime Television is truly amazing but you should not believe everything you hear and see, there is always more to the story and in my case there is alot more.

My name is Jason Clayton but most know me by my stage name "Kulayd".  I was recently on the Judge Alex show to dispute a matter with an old friend of mine who I shall address as Mr. Edwards.  Mr. Edwards and I  have been friends since Junior high school. During my friendship with Mr. Edwards I put him in music videos and motion pictures even though he has no musical or acting talent whatsoever, I included him because I considered him a friend. Long story short Mr. Edwards knew about the success I was having with my parties and events and he called me up and asked me what could he do to invest with me on an event? At the time I already had contracts with a few venues in Detroit to throw whatever events I wanted so I told him to just give me $200 to $400 for some simple print advertisements like flyers and posters. When he actually came to meet me face to face to officially discuss what we were going to do we BOTH decided that a Talent show for high school kids was a better idea but It will cost more money including renting another venue.

I went over the details with him and we agreed upon an investment amount and after signing an official agreement we set a date for Halloween day 2010. The deal was he was supposed to put up the money and I was supposed to put up my organizational skills and contacts. Once the amount was set  he gave me a payment to get started and that is EXACTLY what I did. I started calling up my contacts from Nappy Boy Entertainment (T-Pain's record label), Warner Music group, svmixxradio.com, IMG Universal, G Unit, Dreamstar talent agency, and anybody else I could think of to become involved in this event for the kids. 

I kept receipts for everything I purchased with the money and made sure I kept in contact with Mr. Edwards throughout the process. Before printing the advertisements that I created myself outside of the budget given to me I was approached by several request from adults asking for a costume party so the adults can have somewhere to come and enjoy themselves so I took that into consideration. Since the talent show was earlier in the day I decided it would be a good idea to have the adult costume party at night at one of the venues I threw my regular events. it was also a way to show my professional contacts a good time while they were in town. I told Mr. Edwards about it and he said it was a great idea and that he wanted to invest in that event as well. So I printed flyers for the talent show and purchased advanced tickets from another vendor to sell under general admission. I then purchased a separate order out of my own pocket for flyers and advanced tickets for the costume party for the adults. After I got the flyers and tickets back I called Mr. Edwards over to my recording studio to pick up the items.

When he arrived with a lady friend I gave him flyers for both events and 50 tickets for the Talent show. I also gave him 50 tickets for the Costume party that he signed for. At this point he did not invest in the Costume party because he said he was waiting on some more money to come through for him. By this time I had set up the festivities for the event, purchased the tickets and print advertisements, made deposits to the special guest talent as well as the venue we rented. The only thing left to do now was pay the balance of the deposit on the venue, promote, and sell tickets. I produced a television commercial to help promote the talent show that i distributed through the web an local TV shows I was affiliated with including A2YP TV. 

Now that I have explained the details, here is where the problem comes in. I informed Mr. Edwards that the balance had to be paid on the venue and that we needed to take care of it asap. He said no problem it will get taken care of. I think the balance was between $400-450 and he told me he would go to the venue himself and make the payment. Well he went alright but he did not pay, he told the venue coordinator he only had $50 to put down and he would return to pay the rest.  That NEVER happened! what happened was he strung me along with promises to do what he said he would. It was just about 2 weeks before the event and I was starting to panic because my reputation was on the line, not only that but I invested alot of time, money,  and energy into these events myself and he had no clue to the amount of work was done behind the scenes to make this possible. I told him that its not too late to contact the venue and set the event for a later date since we obviously needed more time to get this thing together, even though it would cost more, it would save the event and My reputaion because his was NOT on the line, mine was! .He said he would call me back and let me know if we were going to postpone or move forward. The call never came.

So here I am all alone promoting both events by myself and with no budget for the venue Mr. Edwards dodged me until after the event. He did not call, email, text, show up at the event, or try to make any contact with me whatsoever. He then reappears about a week or so later asking me for money. He assumed i made some money off an event he left me holding the bag with, like SERIOUSLY??? I asked myself is this guy forreal? Does he honestly think I have any money for him? So I told him whatthe deal was and he got upset and threatened me...Well if you know me I don't take kindly to threats and my reaction was bring it on!  Weeks later i get a letter in the mail that he filed for a law suit...again SERIOUSLY??? ok so the very next day I get a letter from the Judge Alex show asking me to come on the show to dispute the matter. I thought about it and was VERY reluctant but kept an open mind about it. The production staff informed me and Mr. Edwards of what we had to do if we wanted to go that route. We had a court date in Detroit, Michigan and seen a referee about the matter and after having what I thought was a heart to heart with Mr Edwards and I explained to him that I valued the friendship and it made no sense to argue over something that ruin a friendship. Even though I felt he handled things wrong from the beginning I was trying to be the bigger person and keep the peace... Big mistake!

The deal was in order to keep our friendship in tact we would go on the Judge Alex show together and no matter who wins the case there would be no hard feeling between us and we could move on from this disagreement. But when we got to California all that changed.It seems my so called friend had another agenda in mind. We were both backstage getting ready to be called to the podium and we nodded heads at each other before entering the courtroom. Once the show started all bets were off! This guy started to try to embarrass me on national television. Even though the court case is real the events are highly STAGED and SCRIPTED if you don't believe me ask anyone who was ever on the show. Instead of saving our friendship this guy went for his 15 minutes of fame. He wanted everyone to believe I was at fault and that  was doing him wrong in some type of way. I paid more attention to the costume party than the talent show and basically BOLD FACE LIED !!!! 

The producers withheld evidence of my receipts and contracts regarding the venue and event. There is only so much you can do when people like this control the airwaves. Their job is to make the show interesting by making people look incompetent and silly. The result was "I Lost" not because i did any dishonest dealing but because I used one of my standard contracts with Mr. Edwards that had no clause for the venue rental even though it has always been CLEARLY understood by Mr. Edwards that the venue WAS part of our agreement whether it was written on paper or not. Bottom line is I was trying to assist a friend and got seriously BURNED! This was a lesson in my life that I will never forget. Always double and triple ckeck your paperwork before signing anything. Most of all I will watch who I trust to keep in my circle. My so callled friend got his 15 minutes of fame by trying to crush me and my reputation but my accomplishments speak for themselves, I am good at what I do and will always persevere in trying times. Thanks for the life lesson and showing me how blessed I am with my life. I must be doing something right If people break their neck to try to gain fame from associations with me whether positive or negative. 

No matter what I will always stand TALL!  Thank you to those who truly support me and wish me the best.

                                   - Jason "Kulayd" Clayton

Get A Record Deal Now (now accepting applications)

Posted by Kulayd Entertainment on August 17, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (28)

The Kulayd Entertainment Record label is now accepting applications for talented new producers, singers, and rappers!

We will launch our new artist releases beginning in 2012. We are in the process of building our new roster from scratch. For us its out with the old and in with the new. This is where you can benefit.



1. You must be unique and have your own style.

2. You must have a professional work ethic and the dedication to see long term projects through to  completion.

3. You must be able to be a team player and follow direction when working with others.

4. You must have a passion for music and entertainment, these positions are NOT for hobbyists.

5. You must have reliable transportation to get to and from studio recording sessions, rehearsals, and show performances.

6. You must be willing to make personal sacrifices in order to benefit the greater good of others.

Details of what our record label can offer you:

1. A support system. There is strength in numbers and we cannot always accomplish our goals on our own. With us you will have help.

2. You will have access to our professional recording studio so you can record your next release.

3. For singers and rappers, you will have access to industy quality production tracks from our accredited production team.

4. You will have a film staff working with you to help create quality music videos for your record release.

5. You will have experienced artist management and marketing staff to assist in the planning of your career goals.

6. You will have graphic designers on hand to assist you with your CD artwork and promotional materials.

7. You will have access to a list of celebrities for possible song collaborations.

8. You will have guaranteed record distribution through our distributors.

9. You will have 100% assistance in promoting your new releases.

If you are a hip hop artist, producer, or singer who has done everything on your own up until now and finally realized how hard it is to make it on your own without a strong and solid team then this opportunity is for you.

Most major and some independent record labels don't event give artists and producers a chance to be heard as they have so many daily submissions they cant possibly give every CD or mp3 they recieve a fair listen. That is why sometimes it is best to go with a small independent label who can do just as good of a job getting your name out there as they can and you dont have to compete with other artist or producers on your label for the attention of the label to assist with your projects.



Kulayd Wins In Hollywood!!

Posted by Kulayd Entertainment on July 7, 2011 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Kulayd Wins National Band Contest

Hollywood called and Kulayd was the answer!

Damion Stephens, The director of the new film "Peace and Riot" held a contest to find a band to re-create the song "Running Over Raymond" written to play along the ending film credits of the movie. 


Jake Busey explains the Contest here below:

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After stumbling upon this opportunity by chance while online Kulayd decided to take the music and lyrics and do a hip hop version. Well let's just say that was a very GOOD IDEA!

He managed to impress the decision makers for the film and out of all the submissions they recieved his was the one that definitely stood out.

He took the track then sampled the guitar riffs, added some bass, hi hats, and a few extras to make the blend come together. He then recorded the lyrics with his signature delivery and came up with a winning formula!


Congratulations to the Rapper from Detroit, Michigan who is now making a name in Hollywood.

Listen to the winning version here:

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For more info on the film itself pleace visit the www.peaceandriotmovie.com  website