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Kulayd - Hustle Solo CD


Hustle Solo

By Kulayd

Hot Spot Entertainment

Hustle Solo was The Pre-trial in Kulayd's discography of court proceedings. This CD was made to document the term Kulayd spent behind bars and to remind him of the value of solitary meditation and taking caring care of business alone to avoid costly distractions.

Buy it now and see why sometimes its best to Hustle Solo



1. Brothers Keeper (16 Ki's) feat. Dirty Redd

2. Switch Play FM Skit feat. Wax Tax N' Dre

3. International Pimpin feat. The Eastside Chedda Boyz

4. Cover Yo Face feat. Dirty Redd

5. Street Sh$t feat. Strategy of IRS

6. She (Act like she dont) feat. Jimi Mac

7. Come On Shorty

8. About Me feat. Phil of Digital Underground and Mr. Broham

9. Dog Wit It

10. Radio Interview Clips

11. Position feat. Roc and Phil of Digital Underground

12. Krush Groove Skit

13. Find Me

14. Answering Machine

15. It's On feat. Dirty Redd

16. Twist A Bottle feat. Jae Slimm

17. Pimpin Aint Dead feat. Dirty Redd

18. M.D.A. (Metro Detroit Area)

19. No More Playing feat. Grim Reality

20. I Like



Executive  Producer: Kulayd

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