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Kulayd Entertainment is Detroit's Premium Independent Hip hop and R&B Record Label and Event Promotions company. We produce, record, and distribute recording artist.

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A well known Rap Artist from Detroit, Inkster, and Romulus, Michigan who got his start selling CD's to customers out of his car and standing in front of local establishments around Metro Detroit. Kulayd then began to distribute his retail ready disc "The Land of Kane" himself under his first record label Hot Spot Entertainment to local record stores in 2001. On that CD was artist like Ric A Che (former SRC Universal Recording Artist) and Nutthouse Prod. The CD also included production by Mall of annihilation productions(B Legit, Chedda Boys, Streetlords) and Gary McCain. Kulayd's first single on the Land Of Kane was "Gim'me" and he filmed his first music video for the single with the help of Director Cheo Ramsey. He toured Detroit, Memphis, Miami, and Kileen, Texas promoting himself.

He then began recording his second CD "Hustle Solo" in 2003 and recruited artist like The Eastside Chedda Boyz, Phil of Digital Underground, Dirty Redd, Wax Tax n' Dre, and Grim Reality. The CD featured production by Pierre Deez (R Kelly, Gerald Levert, One Eleven Entertainment) Kulayd, and Dirty Redd. Kulayd then directed and starred in his music video for "Find Me" which featured Actress Teresa Creggett, Rappers Hollow and Sy'enz, and Model Kea. Kulayd, Also released the DVD "Struggle and Dreams" in late 2004 along with "Hustle Solo" to highlight the struggles and obstacles he had to endure to achieve his dreams. It features footage of his friend and fellow rapper Wipe Out C.E.O. of The Eastside Chedda Boyz before he was tragically murdered at a night club in Detroit. Shortly after the tragedy Kulayd began to tour Michigan via tour bus with Bling Bling Cigars, a cigar manufacturer out of Florida who came to back him as a sponsor.

During his second CD he built a relationship with Joe Serra owner of Starlight Entertainment & Limosine. After some time had past Joe propositioned Kulayd with the idea of moving his recording studio into his limousine warehouse close to Metro Airport so that they both could gain more by working together and Kulayd agreed. Kulayd had now found the support he needed to advance and sharpen his skills and Joe Serra now had an experienced recording artist with contacts and the know how to get his business closer to the action.

In April 2006 he moved into the Starlight Entertainment & Limousine building thus commencing the Starlight and Hot Spot Entertainment Studios joint venture and began working on his 3rd solo release "The Prelim" but, little did he know that this would become a hard project to record and it would take him much longer to finish due to legal problems and personal issues at home he would soon endure. It took him almost 2 years to record, mix, and master what would be known as one of his best CD's to date. He recorded with legends and heavyweights like MC Eiht, Carl Carlton ( Bad Mamma Jamma), Money B of Digital Underground, Big Herk, Top Authority, and Swifty McVay of D12. It featured production by Demarvelous Carter, Kulayd, DJ Jizz, Pierre Deez, and DJ Chewie. While recording The Prelim he met T-Pain during his time at Starlight. T-Pain took a liking to Kulayd and allowed him to come backstage at a few of his different concerts around the state of Michigan to film what would become the start of his DVD series titled Kulayd's Backstage Pass. Kulayd then left Starlight because of creative differences but to this day remembers the blessings that came from the joint venture. He then released The Prelim, Kulayd's Backstage Pass DVD starring T-Pain, and His Times Got Me Sick Mixxtape with DJ King David in 2008 all on the very same day.   
In 2008 shortly before the 3 release date, Kulayd created Kulayd Entertainment to symbolize his rebirth as a recording artist and business man. Although he still tours himself from state to state. He wanted to help other recording artists voice themselves through recording songs and building a fan base by performing at concerts and events.

Kulayd has made many accomplishments in his career to be an independent recording artist never having been signed to a major record label but still has managed to achieve so much with little to no budget. He has been featured in many films such as "Five K One" ( Forty The Great, Clifton Powell, AJ Johnson), Ganstresses 2 (Director Harry Davis Jr.), Detroit Unleaded (Director Rola Nashef), Mideast Midwest, Detroit Streets DVD Vol. 1 and 2 (DJ King David) , West Bloomfield (Director Kennard LaJuan), Flip Wilson's Unsigned DVD (with Trick Trick), and more.

He has worked with the following talent:
The Rolling Stones, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, India Arie (SuperBowl XL), Soldier Boy Tell' Em, Digital Underground, Big Herk, Strike From The Movie 8 Mile, Swifty Mcvay of D12,
Three 6 Mafia, Paul Parente', Run DMC, The rock band Sweet Crystal, Raw Collection, DJ Butter, Raphael Sadiq, Carl Carlton, Carl Thomas, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, 702, Scarface, Too Short, Top Authority, Doug E Fresh, Da Brat, Yuk  Mouth, C-Lim, Eastside Chedda Boyz, Wax Tax N Dre, Robert Townsend, T Boz of TLC,112, GangStarr, Boyz II Men, Ric A Che, Jae Slimm, Kemistry, J Poww, T-Pain, Slum Village, Trick Trick, Jalil of Whodini, Juvenile, Stretch Money, Dolemite, And then some!!

He is currently working on his new CD and Movie titled "Count Time"

This CD is destined to be a classic But what else do you expect from L-a-y-d  he just keeps rising higher and higher each time he comes out.





In addition to Hip Hop and R&B recording Artist, Kulayd Entertainment also signs upcoming music producers. We are always looking for undiscovered talent to present to the world. We only mess with the best so if you see an artist or producer with the Kulayd Ent. logo associated with them, you know they are worth listening to.

TNT DYNAMITE BEATZ is a new upcoming producer signed to Kulayd Entertainment who's tracks may not only blow your speakers but could make them explode. When it comes to Street music this guy knows his stuff! but dont sleep on him, he is fired up with versatility. 


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